I'm only taking on appointments for custom tattoo work. This includes, but not limited too; any realism,

surrealism, portraits, abstract and geometric tattoos. I excel in color and opaque gray tattoos, so please check out my portfolio to see the best representation of my work and the styles I enjoy tattooing. My talents truly shine when I'm allowed to tattoo without any constraints, transforming your basic idea into a masterpiece. If your style is different from what I do please check out the other artist here or I can help point you in the right direction as well. Bookings are open no further than 2 months at a time. Once appointments are filled, books will close for the duration of the 2 months (Jan-Feb, Mar-Apr, May-June, Etc.) Booking announcements and notifications will be posted on Instagram and Facebook. I have an hourly rate of $150 and require a non refundable $200 deposit to book an appointment. The deposit does get taken off the final price of the tattoo, unless you book a bigger project like a sleeve or back piece. I specialize and approach cover ups differently with an hourly rate of $175.


*If you'd like to set up an appointment please fill out the consult form below. If your request is accepted, you'll get a reply in a couple days. Please be as descriptive as possible with your ideas. This is a professional business and prefer correspondences to be professional and well thought out. Thank you for your interest in my work!






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