Q: Do you offer Body Piercing?


A: No, I do not offer body piercing.

Q: Age Limit Requirements?


A: 18 OR OLDER for tattoo procedures.



Q: Does getting a tattoo hurt?


A: Yes, the amount varies on location and your own personal pain threshold.

Q: I want a tattoo, how much will it cost?


A: I base our fees on the time to complete the tattoo. My hourly rate is $150 and for cover ups its $175 an hour

Q: What is the touch up policy?


A: It depends on a couple things, if its something that happened from not taking care of the tattoo during the healing process, it'll be a $25 set up fee. If it's something the artist did, like not getting ink into the skin good enough then the touch up is free!



Q: What types of payment do you accept?


A: Cash & ALL major credit cards!



Q: Are Walk-In's welcome?


A: No, scheduling an appointment is preferred. Scheduling an appointment gives me more time to draw up the tattoo... In turn the more time spent on the design, the better the tattoo will be. 

Q: Why the deposit to schedule an appointment?


A: The deposit lets us know your serious about getting a tattoo, and locks in the time/date you want. It also gives us the opportunity to get your artwork stenciled and ready for the procedure. The deposit gets taken off the price of the tattoo, unless the appointment is missed or canceled!  

Q: How do I send my artwork to you?


A: You can fill out the consult form on my booking page

Q: Do you Re-Use Needles?


A: NO, I use a new sterilized needle every time! After every tattoo procedure is complete, the needle gets disposed of immediately in a sharps biohazard container, and the machines and grips get sterilized! Re-using needles is unprofessional and poses an extreme health risk!

Q: What is an Autoclave?


A: An autoclave is a medical grade sterilizer for tattoo equipment. Atattood Art uses a steam sterilizer from Prestige Medical. Also, our autoclave is spore tested monthly to ensure maximum client safety!

Q: What is spore testing?


A: It's a monthly autoclave test that ensures all living micro-organisms are destroyed and equipment is sterile. All testing is done in a purpose built lab and reported back to us. 

Q: What sterilizable equipment is used for the tattooing procedure?


A: The only thing that enters our autoclave is tools and rubber grips. Everything else is thrown away in every procedure. We will NEVER re-use tubes or needles in our shop!

Q: Licensing?


A: I hold all required licenses by the State of Wisconsin Health Dept! 

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