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Attention! By submitting your deposit online, you are bound to our deposit agreement as if filled out in person. If you have any questions or concerns with these guidelines, feel free to contact your artist. These guidelines are set to ensure a smooth experience with your artist.


The following will result in a forfeiture of your deposit:

     -     Complete design/idea change

     -     Changing your design/idea more than two (2) times.

     -     Failure to show up for your appointment.

     -     15 minutes late to appointment.

     -     Failure to give at least a 72 hours notice of cancellation.

     -     Failure to reschedule within a week (7 days) of appointment or appointment cancellation.

     -     Leaving a deposit for over a period of thirty (30) days with no contact.

     -     Choosing to switch artists at any point after the initial consult.

     -     Not giving your artist the artistic freedom for a quality design.

     -     Constant inquiries for updates on artwork progress.

     -     Rescheduling appointment more than once.


Please note. In order to protect the artists work, You may not; keep the design, take the design,  photograph the design, distribute or possess the design in any other way.

                                                                                             *NO REFUNDS*    

                                                       **DO NOT SEND DEPOSIT WITHOUT ARTISTS CONSENT**

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